Introducing RocknRouter

October 21, 2020

Brought to you by Savvy Solutions, Inc.

Welcome! We at Savvy Solutions Inc. designed and developed a drywall tool called HandyMark® which has been successfully marketed nationwide for 18 years. With this website we are excited to introduce our second major innovation, RocknRouter. This tool represents a major labor-saving addition to the drywall router.

Please NOTE…we have just been awarded a patent for this unique tool and are now in the process of presenting it to manufacturers and investors for licensing or purchasing rights.

RocknRouter is essentially the union of a locating device (i.e. a stud finder) with a drywall router. The locating sensor is capable of detecting different types of objects or degrees of object densities hidden behind various kinds of sheeting material, especially drywall. By incorporating a sensor into the router, the user can detect light fixtures, outlet/switch boxes, pipes, etc. and then, with the same tool, perform the required cutout. This will allow the user to first locate the blind item behind the ceiling or wall without measuring and then, using the same tool, easily make an accurate cutout!

The benefits of our innovation include the fact that the user, with a single tool, no longer has the time-consuming task of taking manual measurements for the location of cutouts in drywall, remembering them or jotting them down and then accurately transferring them to the drywall.  RocknRouter even has the capability to locate “lost” outlet boxes after a drywall job has just been completed, where a fixture has been accidentally covered over with no cutout made. Additionally, the user will have far less need to keep tabs on the whereabouts of a tape measure, marking device or a handy place to access them. This leads to a tremendous savings of time, energy and materials, allowing the tool to pay for itself many times over.

When installing drywall on ceilings, it will also reduce the safety risk for the operator. While positioned on a ladder, stilts or scaffolding, he will easily be able to focus on the cutout task at hand, using a single tool with one hand.

To more fully explain how RocknRouter is used…e.g. cutouts for ceiling fixtures would be done as follows:

1)  After visually approximating the location of the ceiling fixture, the operator secures a pre-measured and pre-cut drywall sheet, covering over the fixture in the process.

2)  He then places the flat surface of the sensor flush to the drywall (see number 124 in Figures above) and then, by pushing a switch to its first position, the sensor is activated. An audible and/or visual alert will first indicate that the sensor has calibrated a baseline density of the drywall without anything behind it. He then proceeds to locate the fixture as one typically would do with any standard stud finder.

3) Once the operator is sure of the target location, he simply marks the spot by rocking the device from the back of the tool towards the drywall sheet at which point a small protruding spike off the end of the sensor marks the target location (see number 126 above).

4)  Sliding the same convenient switch to an alternate position, the sensor turns off and the router activates to penetrate the drywall at the marked location. From this point, the cutout is made in typical fashion, i.e. the operator uses the outer perimeter as an exact guide for a perfect cutout.

As part of our marketing strategy we are directly approaching you, particularly the commercial drywall contractor, to explain what it is and how it will benefit your business. Your feedback will be valuable in helping us succeed in bringing RocknRouter to market. Please take our very short questionnaire below and let us know your thoughts on our latest innovation. With your approval we will include you as a reference for prospective manufacturers. Thank you for your interest and participation.