Savvy Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 2002, yet its roots date back to 1998 when founders William Barr; his wife, Deborah; and her brother Bill Fulton conceived and developed an easier, faster and more accurate way to locate and mark outlet/switch cutouts in drywall. That initial idea evolved into the first proprietary product introduced to the market as HandyMark®. Because HandyMark enables its user to accomplish this marking task so much more efficiently than by the conventional measuring and marking technique, we believe it will fundamentally change the drywall hanging process for the end user:

Looking to the future, the Company has recently conceived of and is now marketing another unique product, the RocknRouter with the ultimate goal of licensing to interested manufacturers. It’s our mission to provide a professional, nurturing environment for new ideas and concepts to germinate, evolve, and ultimately realize their inherent potential on the open market.


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