RocknRouter Feedback

July 15, 2011

We at Savvy Solutions, Inc have designed and developed a drywall tool called HandyMark®, which we’ve been marketing nationwide for about seven years. With this current website we are introducing a major improvement to the drywall router which we’ve recently conceptualized. Basically, we’ve joined a drywall router with a locating device (aka stud finder) which will eliminate the need to measure and mark for cutouts of various fixtures. We call it the RocknRouter.

We’ve recently filed for patent protection covering this innovation and are now in the process of presenting the idea to manufacturers. In our marketing strategy, we are going directly to you, the contractors, showing you what it is and how it will benefit your business, and then asking for your support in encouraging manufacturers to develop and produce it.

We are kindly asking that you take a couple minutes to complete a very short survey (just 4 questions plus contact info), indicating that you understand how this proposed tool would work and to what extent it would be of benefit to your business. If you would like additional information to better understand our new tool in greater detail before taking our survey, please continue by scrolling down to next section below.

Begin Our Survey Here!

Thank you for your time and attention to this team effort.

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